The WC Difference

The WC Difference

In our world there are signs everywhere. Some are good; some are bad. Some sign shops are more worried about getting orders in and out and take little consideration in designing a quality sign. Even the simplest of signs, like a banner, needs to have basic considerations taken into account or there is a good chance is it will be rendered useless and you will have wasted every dollar you spent.

Paint doesn't stick to pressure treated lumber. Unless specifically requested, WC Signs will use rot-resistant cedar instead of pressure-treated lumber. Often, our temporary signs outlast others' permanent signs.

A lot of factors need to be considered in constructing a sign: viewing distance and location, visual contrast, font selection, size and spacing, target audience, installation method, materials, intended life expectancy of sign and city and municipal requirements. Working with WC signs, you will quickly see our quality and attention to detail carries through into every sign that goes out the door.

We carefully select materials based on their intended life span and use. Here are just a few of the quality choices we've made:

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